How Does it Work?

Skinception Stretch Mark Cream is a topically cream that prevents and/or reduces the appearance of stretch marks. Its ingredients are all scientifically proven, and are natural. Most of the skincare review panels in the USA and elsewhere have come to a common consensus that Skinception Stretch Mark Cream is irrefutably the number #1 stretch mark cream available in the market.

Skinception stretch mark cream attacks the skin’s extracellular matrix, helps in stimulating collagen of the skin and also improves elastin of the skin. Such remarkable improvements in the skin dramatically help the skin to heal its stretched marks. In addition, the cream also assists in putting a hold on the skin’s inflammatory responses resulting into reduction of possibilities of skin discoloration.


Scientific Evidences?

Skinception Stretch Mark Cream has clinically proven active ingredients:


A clinical study was performed on 13 women who were carrying post-pregnancy stretch marks, and were topically applying Regestril on the affected marks for almost two months. By the end of two months, the color, indentation, and width of the stretch marks had dramatically reduced by more than 21.7 per cent in all those women. Moreover, those women even saw a 72.5 per cent improvement in the depth of their stretch marks.

Overall, the skin looked much thicker, stronger and healthier.


Based on a 4-week clinical study, when only a 1.5 per cent concentration of darutoside was applied by study volunteers twice daily, some excellent effective results were seen:

Length of streaks was reduced by 52 per cent, length of irregularity was reduced by 52 per cent, and indentation was reduced by 55 per cent and surface smoothness increased by 14 per cent.


There have been no known side-effects, so far, and all of its active ingredients are clinically proven. Moreover, it has an iron-clad 90 days money back guarantee! Grab the Skinception Stretch Mark Cream now.