1. Stretch marks can appear on any part of the body

Many of us think that stretch marks are found only on stomach, underarms and thighs. It is, however, far away from truth as stretch marks can develop anywhere on the body. Your whole body, in fact, is susceptible to developing stretch marks.


2. Stretch marks can be inherited

Bad news for those whose mothers and fathers have or have had stretch marks. For instance, if your mother had developed stretched marks at the time of pregnancy or otherwise then there is a high probability that you too may develop these marks.


3. Your body weight has nothing to do with stretch marks

We don’t know from where did this rumor develop that slim men and women will never get stretch marks. This is not true at all. Anyone under the sun, regardless of their weight is vulnerable to developing stretch marks. You can develop these marks even if you are underweight or overweight or medium weight.


4. Drinking plenty of water can help!

You perhaps know that a hydrated body helps in maintaining skin elasticity. So, drinking plenty of water throughout the day will help in keeping your skin hydrated and in return keep the stretch marks at bay. Don’t ignore the benefits associated with drinking clean water.


5. Men too are susceptible

If you think you are a man and so getting stretch marks is impossible, think again! Men can get stretch marks too due to rapid stretching of the skin over a short period of time can cause the formation of stretch marks. Boys, usually in puberty, due to rapid growth spurts, may develop these marks. Besides, when men lose or gain weight rapidly, the skin may develop stretch marks.


6. Stretch marks do fade away

Good news is, stretch marks do fade away with time. Almost all types of scars including stretch marks fade away. There are, of course, ample ways to reduce or eliminate the visibility of stretch marks. For instance, you can apply stretch mark creams or lotions, or you can even apply cocoa butter on these marks.


7. Stretch marks come in different colors

When these marks in the initial stages then they appear red, pink, or reddish-brown in color. All these colors are in fact the colors of our blood vessels. Slowly and gradually, these blood vessels contract and the reddish streaks become white or silvery lines.

The truth is, the color of stretch marks more or less depends on your skin tone.


8. Tanning does not help in removing stretch marks

Some of us have come across many articles that make us believe the benefits of self-tanning that also includes removal of stretch marks. It is, however, not true. In reality, these tanning products are nothing but marketing gimmicks that fool you and convince you to believe myths.

Tanning only helps in covering stretch marks and it certainly does not eliminate them. Besides, in some cases, tanning can even worsen your stretch marks especially if you have silvery-white colored marks as they become more visible after tanning. So remember that tanning does not help in eliminating stretch marks.


9. Hormones do play a pivotal role

One of the fundamental reasons for developing stretch marks is stretching of the skin; however, it is not the only reason. Hormones too play a significant role in developing stretch marks.

The dermis layer of the skin is usually strong and has great supportive material. But hormonal factors then prevent or decrease the formation of elastin fibers and collagen in the dermis. Due to this, the skin’s ability to withstand the force of rapid stretching reduces, which in return makes your skin more susceptible to developing stretch marks.


10. Even Celebrities have these marks

Well I get it, They are also human so they will also have stretch marks. But the important thing is some celebrities such as Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba prefer to live with stretch marks.