Sometimes covering up those embarrassing stretch marks is possibly the only way out. Surgeries and needles take time to produce results, and covering up the marks become your only fix to help you face the moment. Therefore, covering up them with makeup is your best bet in the given situation.

Let’s see how makeup helps in covering the stretch marks!

1. Exfoliate your skin

Before you apply any makeup on your skin, make sure that you don’t forget to exfoliate your skin using warm and clean water. Cleaning the skin prior to applying makeup helps as it allows the makeup products to get applied to the new layer of the skin and not the dead one.

Using a body scrub made of caffeine is advisable as it helps in making the skin look smoother and tighter.

2. Use a stretch mark concealer

It is believed that a concealer does a fantastic job in concealing all stretch marks especially the ones on the stomach and face. Remember to have a concealer that matches your skin tone remarkably well. Of course, you may apply more of it to get the desired tint; however, make sure that you choose the color of the concealer as close to as your color skin. A good quality of concealer will let you reduce the appearance of even red marks.

3. Use a self-tanner

Another effective way of covering the stretch marks especially on your legs is by using a self-tanner. In a drugstore, you will come across many self tanning lotions formulated to help hide visible marks on your body. Remember to exfoliate your legs prior to applying the tanner. At the time of applying the tanner you need to dab the tanner with a cotton swab and then apply along the lines of the stretch marks. Apply the self tanner gently all over the legs and arms.


4. Using a body foundation cream

A body foundation cream is pertinent to use especially after an evening shower as the skin at that point of time is the most supple and in the best state to hold on to the cream for longer durations. A good quality of body foundation cream will help in concealing the stretch marks for a longer timeframe.

5. Apply a sunscreen

Your makeup regime is incomplete without applying a good quality sunscreen on your marks. Technically speaking, stretch marks are damaged skin, and, therefore, you need to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. An already exposed skin will damage your marks profoundly. It is pertinent to wear a strong sunscreen over the top of the makeup.

Parting thoughts
• Always exfoliate the skin prior to applying any sort of makeup
• Always buy good quality of makeup products
• Moisturize your skin daily at nights
• Don’t over apply the makeup.
• Avoid using natural tanning products
• Use a makeup sponge or brush to apply the makeup products